Dunn Animal Control

City of Dunn Animal Control

The City of Dunn Animal Control Facility is utilized to house animals in violation of the Dunn City Code and unwanted pets.

Our adoption hours are from 8:00a.m. until 12:30p.m. Monday - Friday. We do accept owner surrenders and release for adoption at other times by appointment.

Our shelter policy is that no person may enter the kennel area without first completing an adoption application. No person may enter the kennel area without a shelter employee. The quarantine area is off limits to everyone except shelter employees per the NC Department of Agriculture. We do not allow photos to be taken in the kennel area but we will happily bring a pet to the reception area for this purpose.

If you have a pet that you must surrender to the shelter please bring it during our regular hours if possible. There is no charge for this service. You may call and set up a time when we are on duty to meet us at the shelter to surrender your pet(s). If this is not possible we have a drop-off pen located at the end of the building. This is for DOGS/PUPPIES ONLY!! Please do not put cats or kittens in these pens. A note with information on your surrendered pet(s) would be greatly appreciated and helpful when trying to find them a new home. Fresh water is available at the drop-off pen as well as cans of food on top of the pens. Please secure the latch on the gates with a clip or lock that should be hanging on the front of the gate. Cats and kittens should be surrendered when we are at the shelter to immediately take them in.

Dunn Animal Control Facility encourages the donation of comfort items to animals sheltered here. Providing comfort items helps reduce shelter anxiety, increasing their chances of adoption and making their stay less stressful.

City of Dunn Animal Control Facility

552 Jw Edwards Ln. Dunn, NC 28334

Office 910-892-3777

Visit us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CityOfDunnAnimalControlFacility/


More About Dunn

Dunn was originally called "Lucknow" and was renamed in 1873

The city of Dunn was incorporated on February 12, 1887, at which time it was a logging town and a turpentine distilling center. The name honors Bennett Dunn, who supervised the construction of the railway line between Wilson and Fayetteville.

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