Criminal Investigations

The goal of the Criminal Investigation/Narcotics Division of the Dunn Police Department is to investigate, identify and make arrest of individuals who violate the laws of the State of North Carolina and the United States to include all juvenile laws.

The Criminal Investigation/Narcotics Division is comprised of a Captain, (2) Lieutenants, (4) Investigators in which one handles juvenile cases, (4) Drug Agents, (1) K-9, Crime Scene Investigator, and a Secretary.

Investigations is responsible for wide variety of specialized functions within the department that includes investigations of reported as well as non-reported criminal activity, evidence collection and storage of evidence. Investigators receive special training in various topics such as interview and interrogation, death investigations, arson, identity theft as well as other types of training that allows them to stay current with the new trends or information. The Crime Scene Investigator is responsible for crime scene processing and the retrieving of evidence as well as storage of all evidence gathered nu all officers of the agency. The CSI also submits evidence to the state crime lab in Raleigh, NC for further chemical processing as well as attends training to stay current on new trends.

Investigators work a schedule that is generally a Monday-Friday work week generally 8:00 am - 4:30 pm; however the work schedule is adjusted to meet the needs of the investigation and the agency. Investigators and Narcotic Agents share a rotating on-call schedule and are responsible for responding to investigations and scenes as needed. Investigators/Agents are also on-call during weekends and holidays. Both investigators and Agents are required to work special assignments as needed.

The Narcotics section is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of narcotics violations within the city limits. The Narcotics section is also responsible for conducting street crime enforcement in areas of the city that a higher concentration of visibility and presence maybe needed as deemed through neighborhood complaints. Narcotic agents work a variety of drug complaints as well as complex drug investigations that involve the sale and distribution of illegal drugs as well as the manufacturing of illegal drugs.

Narcotics agents also work closely with the City of Dunn Building Inspector regarding minimum housing code violations. Agents also gather information and research regarding violations of the NC General Statue 19 regarding Crimes against Public Morals. Agents use this statue to address locations inside the city that have become a nuisance and turn the case over to the city attorney for filing of a civil law suit for maintaining a public nuisance. Public.

All members of the Criminal Investigation/Narcotics division also work closely with other agencies such as the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, FBI, DEA, ATF, Homeland Security, US Secret Service and ICE.


More About Dunn

Dunn was originally called "Lucknow" and was renamed in 1873

The city of Dunn was incorporated on February 12, 1887, at which time it was a logging town and a turpentine distilling center. The name honors Bennett Dunn, who supervised the construction of the railway line between Wilson and Fayetteville.

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