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City Services A to Z


Abandoned Cars: 910-230-3505
The inspection Office works to rid Dunn neighborhoods of unsightly or nuisance material. Call to report a problem involving abandoned/junk cars and someone will be sent to investigate the report.

Address Verification: 910-230-3505
To verify an address or acquire an address for new construction, contact the Planning Office.

Animal (Dog) Shelter: 910-892-3777
The animal control officer of the Dunn Police Department currently operates a dog shelter located just off Susan Tart Road near Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital. It is open on weekdays 10:00 am-1:00pm Monday - Friday. Citizens may adopt animals as pets for a reasonable fee on Wednesday and Friday. In addition, the animal control officer enforces laws concerning animals running at large, leash laws and dog bites. If your pet is lost, please call the shelter.

Appliance Disposal: 910-892-2948

Auctions: 910-230-3500
The City utilizes an online auction through Govdeals for surplus cars, trucks and heavy equipment, used furniture, bicycles and other surplus materials on an as-needed basis. The auctions are coordinated by the City Administrative Office.


Backflow Prevention: 910-892-2948
The Public Works Department and the Inspections Department require backflow prevention on all commercial occupancies and lawn irrigation systems. A complete ordinance is being developed to specify best management practices.

Building Permits/Inspection: 910-230-3505
Building and Zoning regulations and the Housing Code are administered by the Building Inspections Department. Permits are required for general construction, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, moving buildings, demolition, and insulation.

Before starting any building or repair project, contact the Inspections Office.

Bulk Trash Pick-Up: 910-892-2948
Bulk trash, such as worn out furniture, stoves, etc. are picked up only by CALLING the Public Works Office at 892-2948 to give us your address. The weekly deadline for call in's - Tuesday by 5:00 p.m. The extent of such city collection service shall not include major deposits of unwanted or abandoned furniture, appliance or other household incidentals or construction materials resulting from property owners cleaning out owner-occupied, rental or lease properties or from major internal or external renovations or modifications to their properties. If items are put out against regulations they will be red tagged.

Burning Trash: 910-892-2938
The burning of trash is prohibited by the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission. For more information, contact the Fire Department.

Business License: 910-230-3505
Citizens who wish to operate a business in the City of Dunn must obtain a Privilege License from the Dept. of Inspections/Planning. These licenses are valid from July 1 to June 30 of each year. Fees vary according to the type of business. For more information, contact the Dept. of Inspections/Planning.


Cemeteries: 910-892-2948
Three municipal cemeteries located throughout the city are maintained by City staff. For purchase of cemetery spaces, contact the Public Works Department.

City Attorney: 910-892-4029
The City Attorney provides legal advice to the Mayor, City Council and all City departments and regulatory bodies.

City Council: 910-230-3500
Regular meetings of the Dunn City Council are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building at 401 East Broad Street.

The Mayor is elected on an at-large basis. The six member Council is composed of one representative from each of the City's six wards. The Mayor and Council are elected every four years and together set the policy for the City.

Claims Against the City: 910-230-3545
A citizen may file a claim against the City for loss or injury as a result of a City activity. For more information, contact the City of Dunn Human Resources Dept.

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: 910-230-3500
Citizens can call the City Administrative Office or the individual department.

Crime Prevention: 910-230-3533
Crime prevention is a major emphasis of the Dunn Police Department. Officers are available to help organize Neighborhood Watch programs, which encourage neighbors to watch out for each other and report suspicious activities to police. In addition, the Community Oriented Policing (COPS) Division of the Police Department conducts educational programs in the schools and the community.

Crime Stoppers: 910-892-2222
Citizens who have information which could help Dunn Police solve a crime are encouraged to call the Crime Stoppers hotline. Information can be reported anonymously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cash is awarded in some cases if the information leads to an arrest.

Curb & Gutter: 910-892-2948
To request installation or repair of curb and gutter, contact the Public Works Department.


Dead Animals: 910-892-2948
Report any dead animals observed on the city streets to the Public Works Department. Animals will not be picked up on private property.

Drainage Problems: 910-892-2948
Report any drainage problems to the Public Works Department. Also, do not place grass clippings, leaves, brush, etc. in the street curb/gutter area that would restrict water flow. This will assist in preventing clogged drainage arteries.

Driveway Permits: 910-892-2948
The Public Works Department coordinates the review and approval of new driveway connections on City-maintained streets. The North Carolina Department of Transportation reviews and approves all driveway connections to State-maintained streets within City limits.


Emergency Water & Sewer Service: 910-892-2948
For emergency service, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., call the Public Works Department. At all other times, call the Police Department at 892-2345.


Fire Department: 910-892-1211
The Dunn Emergency Services responds to fires from two fire stations located in the City. Staffed 24/7, they respond to all fires in the Averasboro Fire District . Also, the department conducts fire prevention and fire inspection programs.

For emergencies, call 911.

Fire Hydrant Flows: 910-892-1211
To request a fire hydrant flow, contact Dunn Emergency Services.

Fire Hydrant Repairs: 910-892-1211
To report Fire Hydrant in need of repair, call the Public Works Department.

Furniture Disposal: 910-892-2948


Garbage Collection: 910-477-8281
The City of Dunn, through a private contractor, provides once a week residential curbside collection of roll-out containers. These carts are to be pulled back in from street after your pickup.

For problems with pickup or information on commercial collection, dumpsters, or residential collection schedule contact Republic Waste at 910-477-8281.

Government Channel: 910-230-3500
Citizens can receive continuous information on upcoming City Government events on Time-Warner Cable Channel 7. Programming includes tape delayed broadcasts of City Council meetings.


House Number: 910-230-3505
Please make sure your house item is plainly visible from the street for 911 emergencies. The Planning Department coordinates assignment of house numbers.

Housing Authority: 910-892-5076
The Dunn Housing Authority owns and manages assisted housing for low and moderate income families, the handicapped and the elderly. The Housing Authority is governed by its own local board with an Administrative Office located at 817 Stewart Street.


Inspections: 910-230-3505
To schedule a building code related inspection, contact the Inspections Office.


Junk Cars: 910-230-3505



Lawn Sprinkler: 910-892-2948
Typically require one inch taps and may not be available in certain locations.

Leaf Collection: 910-892-2948
The Public Works Department collects leaves from November 1st-January 15th.

Leash Law: 910-892-3777
City ordinance requires that dogs be under physical restraint, such as a leash, or in a secure fence while loose on the owner's property. Dogs must always be under physical restraint off the owner's property. For more information, contact the Animal Control Officer.

Library: 910-892-2899
The Dunn Public Library circulates books, video cassette tapes, and audio tapes. Materials may be checked out for up to three weeks. Library cards are free of charge, and may be acquired by presenting a photo ID with current address and social security number.

Licenses-Business: 910-230-3505
Business Registration Form

Limb Collection: 910-892-2948
The Public Works Department collects limbs. The limbs are collected in a continuous route around the city, however this same truck picks up furniture on Wednesdays. When storms come or strong winds, limb pickup is heavy therefore turn around time is greater. The City will collect NO branches, limbs or shrubbery larger than five (5) inches in diameter, longer than five (5) feet or heavier than seventy-five (75) pounds. The limbs shall be piled next to the curb and not mixed with other materials. Mixed waste will not be picked up and may result in fines. Also remember not to place items for pickup under power lines or between parked vehicles where our machinery can not reach with our mechanical arms. For additional instructions call the Public Works Office. See drainage problems.

The City will not collect any trimmings cut by landscape or tree service contractors or other commercial workmen.


Maps: 910-892-4113
Maps of the City of Dunn and Harnett County are available at the Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce for a fee of $1.50.

Minimum Housing: 910-230-3505
The City of Dunn has a minimum housing code, which sets minimum standards for residential structures. The purpose of this code is to ensure the protection of the health and safety of the residents of our community. City staff inspects homes for compliance with the code. These inspections are conducted on a systematic basis, or in response to a specific complaint.


Noise Control: 910-892-2399
The City of Dunn recognizes that excessive and unnecessary noise endangers the physical and emotional health and welfare of people and is a public nuisance. Through the city noise ordinance, the Police Department enforces and regulates noise levels. For information or to report a problem, contact the Police Department.



Parks & Recreation: 910-892-2976
The Parks and Recreation Department maintains three area parks which house, the city swimming pool, tennis courts, baseball, softball, soccer and football fields along with picnic shelters, which can be reserved for rental.

The department also offers a full range of programs for all age groups and holds special events throughout the year. For more information, contact the Parks & Recreation Department. You may also contact the Dunn Area Boosters at PO Box 2272, Dunn, NC 28335.

Parking Tickets: 910-892-2399
Parking Tickets may be paid at the Records Office of the Dunn Police Department.

Paving: 910-892-2948

Police Reports: 910-892-2399
Copies of accident, incident and arrest reports are available at the Records Office of the Dunn Police Department.

Pot Holes: 910-892-2948
Report Pot Holes to the Public Works Department.

Property Tax: 910-230-3500
Property taxes are levied on real property, personal property (automobiles, boats, trailers, etc.) and business personal property. Real property and business personal property taxes are billed in July of each year and due on September 1. If paid during August, 2% discount is given. Taxes may be paid without penalty until January 5. Motor vehicle taxes are billed from Harnett County Tax Office, 910-893-7520. City residents pay both City and County Taxes. For more information, contact the Tax Collector.

Public Nuisances: 910-230-3505
City code establishes rules for keeping the City of Dunn a beautiful place.



Rescue Squad: 910-892-1211
The Dunn Rescue Squad responds to rescue and EMS emergencies. The Department is a paramedic level service staffed by four full-time paramedics and approximately 25 volunteers. The Department conducts CPR classes and training.

For emergencies, call 911.

Returned Checks
A fee of $25.00 will be assessed upon the return of the check or draft from the financial institution.


Senior Center: 910-814-8929
The City operates the Senior Center that offer a wide range of programs for senior citizens and serves as a nutrition site for the community. Over 80 volunteers help provide the Meals on Wheels Program in our area.

Sewer & Water: 910-892-2948
The Public Works Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all water and sewer facilities. The Finance Office is in charge of water and sewer accounts, reconnections, disconnections and transfers.

For more information on Water & Sewer bills, see listing under Utility Billing or call Finance at 230-3510.

For further information on construction and maintenance call Public Works at 892-2948.

Night and holiday emergency water and sewer service can be obtained by calling 892-2345.

Sidewalks: 910-892-2948
Requests for sidewalks or sidewalk repairs can be made by calling the Public Works Department.

Storm Drains: 910-892-2948
Requests for improvements to storm drainage systems are handled by the Public Works Department.

Street Lights: 910-892-2948
Street Light requests should be directed to the City Manager's Office.

To report street lights which are burned out, call Duke Energy Progress at 1-800-452-2777, or the Public Works Department at 892-2948. We need the pole number to process requests or an exact location so a pole number can be obtained.

Street Maintenance: 910-892-2948
For street paving and repair problems call 892-2948.

For maintenance on state roads such as Pope Rd., McKay Ave., Highway 301, Highway 421, etc. call the Department of Transportation, Lillington, N.C. at 893-4020.

Street Marking: 910-892-2948
The Public Work’s Department is responsible for all street markings.

Street Signs, Installation: 910-892-2948
For street sign installation call the Public Works Department.



Utility Billing: 910-230-3510
Water, sewer and garbage bills are mailed monthly on the last working day of each month for the previous month's service based on usage. The bill is due by the 20th of each month. Bills may be paid by mail, bank draft, credit card, or at the Finance Office at City Hall. After-hours depository is located at City Hall for your convenience. If interested in bank draft or credit card payments, contact the Finance Office for assistance. Hours are 8:00-5:00 p.m.


Visitor Information: 910-892-3282
The Dunn Area Tourism Authority housed in the General William C. Lee Museum located at 209 West Divine Street offers visitor information to travelers visiting the Dunn area. Visitor guides, golf guides, Dunn post cards, Dunn souvenirs; calendars of events, tickets to local theatrical productions and brochures for other destinations including North Carolina Travel Guides are available at the Tourism Office. Hours are 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. www.dunntourism.org; email: tourism@dunnchamber.com

Voter Registration: 910-230-3500
Dunn residents may pick up voter registration forms at the Public Library or at the City Administrative Office.


Wastewater Treatment: 910-892-2935
Black River Wastewater Treatment Plant- the City of Dunn operates a 3.75 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant. For information about the treatment process or tour of facilities, contact the Wastewater Plant.

Water Leaks: 910-230-3510
Adjustments can be made to customer account. The customer will be required to contact the Finance Office and advise of a leak, what type of leak and that the problem is corrected. The adjustment will be based on three month's average useage prior to problem on water and sewer with the excess water at the current wholesale rate. Adjustments are limited to two water bills in a 12 month period.

Water Leaks (in Street or Right of Way). Water leaks in the street need to be reported to the Public Works Office. The water crew will respond and schedule to make the necessary repair.

Water Meter Box: 910-892-2948
To report a broken meter box or missing lid, please contact the Public Works Department.

Water/Sewer Service: 910-230-3510
To activate an existing service for a residence or business, come to the Finance Office at City Hall. A meter deposit is required to begin service.

Water Treatment: 910-897-5129
Archie Uzzle Water Treatment Plant- The City of Dunn operates an 8 MGD Water Treatment Plant. This plant treats surface water from the Cape Fear. For information about the treatment process or tour of facilities, contact the water plant.

Water Quality: 910-897-5129
To report any changes or problems with drinking water (discoloration, taste or odor), contact the water plant.

Weeds & Grass: 910-230-3505
To report tall weeds and grass or for information on cost for mowing vacant lots, contact the Inspections Department. For lots with structures such as houses or barns, contact the the Code Enforcement Department.



Yard Sales: 910-230-3510
Citizens who wish to conduct a yard sale shall obtain a permit from the City Tax Collector’s office. An application for the permit is required and shall include the full name and address of applicant, the location at which the yard sale is to be held and the date the yard sale shall be held. Each citizen is permitted three (3) yard sales per calendar year and each sale shall not run for more than two (2) consecutive days. There is a $2 fee for yard sale permits. For more information, call the City Finance Office, (910) 230-3510.


For information on zoning, contact the Planning Office.


More About Dunn

Dunn was originally called "Lucknow" and was renamed in 1873

The city of Dunn was incorporated on February 12, 1887, at which time it was a logging town and a turpentine distilling center. The name honors Bennett Dunn, who supervised the construction of the railway line between Wilson and Fayetteville.

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