Public Utilities

Water Treatment Plant

During the 1920s, the City of Dunn constructed its first surface water treatment facility on the Cape Fear River. The Cape Fear River continues to provide the City with an unlimited source of surface water adequate to meet the needs of the area. The original water treatment plant had a capacity of approximately two million gallons per day.

In 1960, the City of Dunn had grown to a population of nearly 7,500 people and was recognized as a regional potable water supplier. Having exceeded the capacity of the initial water treament plant, the City undertook a project to replace the initial water plant with a facility hacing a capacity of 4 million gallons per day. This project also included a 16" transmission supply main to supplement an existing 14" main from the water treament plant to the City of Dunn, a distance of nearly 7 miles. 

Recognizing the regional nature of its water supply facilities, the City of Dunn, in the late 1980s, undertook the expansion of its water supply facilities to a capacity of 8 million gallons per day. This project included upgrading raw water pumping facilities, some additional storage and replacement of existing ground storage capacity, expanded treatment capacity, and most importantly a 24-inch transmission main into the City of Dunn.


More About Dunn

Dunn was originally called "Lucknow" and was renamed in 1873

The city of Dunn was incorporated on February 12, 1887, at which time it was a logging town and a turpentine distilling center. The name honors Bennett Dunn, who supervised the construction of the railway line between Wilson and Fayetteville.

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